Four more letters arrived in the mail today. Delivery has been slow at best this deployment—this being only the third time I've received letters from my husband and he writes me most every day. I keep waiting for the mailman to bring me a bag full!

I am thrilled to see his envelopes arrive. I sort through them and put them in chronological order (he dates them all on the outside by the date he wrote them) then I sit with a cup of coffee—or wine depending on the time of day—and carefully open each one, reading it as slowly as I can.

Today ( January 3rd ) four new letters arrived written on November 25th, 28th, 29th and 30th.

Holding on to this piece of paper is as close to my husband as I've been since the end of last summer. Seeing his penmanship makes me happy. And I laugh with tears in my eyes as I look at the stamps he draws—because I know that he knows I love that part.