Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and there's nothing you can do but adjust your plans. Luckily Cleveland has a lot to offer—and two of our favorite things are good for a rainy day: The Cleveland Museum of Art and a drive through Lake View Cemetery.

Lake View is the permanent home to many well known people and families. Steel magnates, presidents, and even Elliot Ness are all buried here. One of the most impressive tombs is the Garfield Monument—with its stone tower and Tiffany glass windows. The entire cemetery is a botanical garden so the drive is both architecturally beautiful and incredibly lush.

And because Cleveland became such a wealthy city during the Industrial Revolution it had plenty of money to spend on art. It has plenty of everything, but I am most fond of its collection of American painters that includes George Bellows, Charles Sheeler, William Harnett, Grant Wood, Jacob Lawrence, Fredric Edwin Church, John French Sloan and John Singer Sargent.