North Dakota seems pretty desolate so far—granted I've been on only one road ( I-94 ) and we're barely past Bismarck. Maybe the light grey sky, the wind and the cold just add to the picture, but so far it seems pretty bare.

There are very few campsites between here and Fargo ( and most don't open until May ) so we decided on a place in a town called Menoken. It's fine enough and has hot showers with good water pressure, all the hook-ups and internet. Only two spaces are available to over-nighters ( most being reserved for the oil workers ) but we got one. It's self serve so you fill in your registration card, put your cash in an envelope and drop it into a slot. Something nice about that.

We arrived early enough that we had time to cook a real meal, take showers, do laundry, and emails. It's 31 degrees so we're all inside the airstream. No outside playtime for Pepe or us today. 

Full on chili, we'll call it a night and head out early for Fargo. There are signs waiting...

today's progress

today's progress