The day has finally arrived! It's Muses Thersday! 
Tonight at 6:30 pm Muses rolls! Approximately 1100 women on floats, loads of marching bands and plenty of dance clubs and smaller krewes will fill the streets from Uptown to Canal Street —entertaining a crowd of about 300,000 people.

For those of us on the floats, our day starts a bit earlier. There's a breakfast at 10am and a pre-party at 2pm. Then at four o' clock we load onto our floats and are driven up Tchoupitoulis to get into queue. Slowly but surely the parade takes shape. A marching band falls in between two floats, then a dance club, then maybe some horses....and soon we're rolling.

The parade last a long time. This year the front floats arrived at the finish line around 10:30, but the end of the floats can take an hour or more. For those of you counting, this is now a 12-14 hour day. And now comes the after party! It seems like you'd be tired—and you are—but there is so much energy you get from the crowd and so much energy you get from the krewe that by the time you get to the aMUSEment after-party, you're ready for round two ( maybe round three? ) eating, drinking and dancing! You may end up waking up with bruises and sore muscles, but tonight is all about the ladies!

The duck floats were brand new this year so it was the "Year of the Duck", but aside from that, the main theme of the parade was a spin on Dr. Seuss. For more pics of the floats and parade, check out @kreweofmuses and #kreweofmuses

Last but not least, I was honored to be given the opportunity to create a few special things for Muses—some tee designs, some merch and the slogan "Muses Thersday"....Here's some pics of those items as well as a glimpse into our ride....