Today we drove from Stonewall, Texas to Beaumont, Texas with a pit stop in Austin. 

After a successful day of driving and settling in to our new campsite, the cat went missing. She escaped out of her harness in a split-second-Houdini-like-maneuver. Now, it's not important how it happened and it does no good to worry or point fingers (ahem...John), but the fact is that she is out there somewhere. So we walk the campgrounds shaking a bag of treats. No cat.

Hours pass. We both fall asleep. We get up. We walk and look. We go back to sleep.

At 2am, John goes out to the bathrooms and upon his return, Dr. Girlfriend is sitting on the trailer step yelling at him. It had started to rain.

Of course we were so happy to see her, but I was mostly impressed by her navigation skills. Logically, we knew that cats can find their way home, but she hadn't been outside more than 5 minutes to get to know where we were. In the end, she had more street skills than I gave her credit for.

"Shape up or we'll leave you in Beaumont" is now the family road creed.