I spend a lot of time gathering reference material for my paintings. My version of a vacation is driving through cities looking for old signs, granaries, industry and cemeteries. But there's never enough time to get to as many places as I want to.

I am lucky enough to have a few friends who are wonderful photographers and who kindly contribute to my reference  imagery. Martin Gisborne and Marc Wierenga are two of these photographers.

Another one of these photographers is a man I met while we were both shooting the same sign. This new friend is David Kessler and he shares my obsession of typography and vintage neon. David seems to have photos from every corner of the US and has generously shared his work with me for reference material. We both recently joined the Society for Commercial Archeology and we hope to have a group show someday. 

I'm very thankful to these friends for sharing their inspiring work.

Here's a sample of images from David Kessler's Instagram > And keep an eye out. Some of these signs may just end up in one of my shows ;)