JULY 5TH - JULY 28TH 2012 CORE GALLERY: This series is both a visual tour of New Orleans architecture, signage and cemeteries as well as a focus on a very particular character of New Orleans known as Ruthie the Duck Lady. Ruthie was an emblem of the Quarter. As a young girl she raised ducks and they followed her through the streets. Throughout her life her trademarks were her roller skates, a wedding gown and a floppy hat. These paintings of Ruthie are as a duck herself. She is a bride, an old woman and the ever present fixture of the Quarter, Napoleon Bonaparte. Like Ruthie, the city of New Orleans is eccentric. It is a city in a constant state of decay and rebirth. It is a city with a sense of humor and a sense of history. These paintings are an homage to an unconventional city and the characters who’ve called it home.