Today was our first full day of driving across the country with the airstream. The truck is pulling great and only a few things flew out of the cupboards. We've set up camp just outside Butte, Montana. It's really cold and rainy. And our list of things we forgot is growing longer. But this is a work in progress...

My bike rides on a front hitch so it is our constant view out the front window for now. Out the passenger window is the ever changing landscape. I still can't comprehend how the colors of grass and the types of trees can change before my eyes. But this is one long road unfolding as a work in progress.

Small towns along I-90 have given up some gifts and only 24 hours into this quest I feel like we've struck gold ( or should I say silver? ) from these mining towns.

For now we make camp early so we can settle in. Only 24 hours in and I already have a lot to process. You can't rush these things. After all, it is just one big, long work in progress.


Our planned route (black) vs. our progress (red)