The other day my cat was staring at the wall in my studio. I didn't pay it much attention until she kept staring at the wall. And then she started rooting around places she normally doesn't. 
"Uh-oh. I think I have a mouse.

I hope it's not a rat."

The next thing I know I've got the tiniest little field mouse running across my desk and peeking out from behind my piles of papers. He's so cute! 

Half of me wants to feed him and build him a cardboard house. The other part of me knows he shouldn't get too comfortable.

Now I like this guy. I'm rooting for him. But my cat wants to do her cat thing and chase it. So after one big chase — mouse followed by cat, followed by duck, followed by me—all running in a row and yelling, I decide that I need to go online and have a live trap delivered.

It only took about 24 hours and I heard the trap door slam shut. Victory! 
I let the mouse fill up on peanut butter before my neighbor and I drove him up to a nearby zoo's park area and set him free. Good luck little mouse.