I was headed to Lynchburg via Nashville to meet my Signal people for an Every Third Thursday filming shoot. I rarely go on these trips, but this one is being filmed at Jack Daniel's. I was a day behind the rest of the crew so I took a direct flight into Nashville to save some travel time, but weather had us circling for over an hour until we were low on fuel and had to land in Chattanooga, Tennessee —an airport with no Alaska hub.

These things happen and I was most impressed with the hospitality of everyone in Chattanooga for coming to our aid. They pulled everyone out to bring in our plane—one lady was in a skirt and heels with the light wands in her hands on the tarmac.

I met a lot of really nice people with interesting stories. When you're stuck together with strangers for three hours you can see the worst and the best. I was lucky to see the best.

My travels ended that night with an hour long uber ride from my Signal people taking me into Lynchburg where they had an outdoor fire and a bottle of whiskey waiting.
And that really was the best.