I packed a lot of canvases for our residency here. I packed way more than I needed because I wasn't sure what size I'd want to paint, how many images I'd find on the road or how many I'd have time for. Turns out that I think I'm doing pretty good —especially considering all the 'distractions' that came our way the last couple months. As of today, I have six completed and two more on easels that are almost done. I'm still hoping to get more finished before we hit the road, but I don't want to jinx anything. 

I love having such a precarious studio to work in. It's good for my brain. We rearrange the furniture in our little rental as soon as we get here to make our zones. My studio spreads from the dining room to the kitchen (and a little bit in every corner). I have only what I packed, what I really need. I forgot a few things and I always do, but it sure makes you realize just how little a person really needs with them. I'm not a minimalist or anything, but I do appreciate the idea of living off what fits in a 5'x8' U-Haul.